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Freya L46-Afro Wave curly glueless compact lace front wig human hair

Freya L46-Afro Wave curly glueless compact lace front wig human hair

Classification:Lace Front

Related labels: curlygluelesslacefro

Official website:https://www.godwig.com/Lace-Wig/13X4-13x6-Front-Lace-Wig/13x4-Jerry-Curly-Bob-Lace-Front-Wig


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Afro Wave curly glueless compact lace front wig human hair

curly glueless lace front wig

Product Details:

Series: Lace Front Wig

Model Length: 16 inches

Hair Material: 100% human hair from one donor

Last For: one more year

Density: 180%

Hair Color: natural black

Hairline: pre-plucked

Can Be Dyed: yes

Straps: adjustable

Circumference: 22.5 inches,standard medium

Lace: Compact Frontal Lace

Discount Price: $279.90

Discount code: XN8(20% off)

Lace front wig real hair material: unprocessed 100% Brazilian virgin human hair, cut from young donors, soft and smooth, with minimal shedding and tangles, and can be dyed and straightened.

Wavy curly wig quality: 150% density curly wig full and thick, pre-drawn hairline and baby hair. The hairline of the middle part can be the free part by default.

The average cap (22-22.5 inches in circumference) fits most head sizes/shapes. 2 adjustable shoulder straps and 3 combs have been added to the hat for the safest wearing.

The advantages of curly wavy lace front wig: high-quality, soft hair wig, natural hairline, high density makes the wig plump and avoids the weft line

This Curl Wave black wig can help you create the perfect daily wear, dating, role-playing, concert, costume, theme party, video shooting or just to change the appearance.

Afro Wave curly glueless lace front wig detail:

 wig detail

Afro Wave curly glueless lace front wig Buyers show:

Buyers show

Buyers show

Seller tips:

Styling Tips: In order to show the same style of hair, please shake your wig back and forth to make it more fluffy.

Waring Tips: Prepare your own hair. Hold the wig with earrings. Place it on your natural hairline and slide it from front to back, making sure the inner clip slides into your hair. Use earrings to center the wig from left to right. Adjust the label on the back to ensure a firm fit.

Washing tips: We do not recommend that you wash your wig frequently. Wash by hand only when the wig becomes dull. Pour warm water and wig shampoo into a basin and soak for 5 minutes. Lift the top of the wig, use a wide-tooth comb to gradually untie it in the water from bottom to top, and rinse it off. Start over with conditioner and rinse off. Soak up the towel and air dry on the wig holder. Please do not twist or rub your hair.

Wig storage tips: Please note that the wig should be placed in a cool and dry place. When conditions permit, it is best to hang the wig on the model. You can store it in hairnets and plastic bags.

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