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Wig brand|celiehair

Wig brand|celiehair

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Site introduction

Wig brand|celiehair

CelieHair was founded in 1993 and is one of the top hairdressing products manufacturers in China. We are committed to providing the highest quality human hair to large traders and wholesalers. Usually they resell it to retailers and then resell them to customers, which leads to high prices and awe-inspiring customers.

Wig brand|celiehair

Although wholesalers can order cheap hair online, they have a headache due to the poor quality. However, when you find Celie Hair mall, everything will change. We can help you solve all the problems of price and quality. Since our shopping mall went online in 2013, Celie Hair has become a wise choice for thousands of women with its affordable prices.

According to statistics, 70% of customers recommend us to family and friends or return orders. 99% of wholesalers choose us as their only supplier after they find us (not including some customized products that we do not produce). Because high-quality hair makes their business better and better. Celie's body waves, deep waves, curly hair, pine waves, wet waves, curly hair, and more charming sexy hairstyles will always accompany you on the beautiful road.

CelieHair hair salon is the hottest one in Guangzhou. Customers from the United States, Europe, and Africa flock to our store every day to buy for themselves or their family and friends. They also order wholesale and resell them in their countries. Even many flight attendants tell us that such cheap hair is difficult to buy in the market, and they buy a lot of hair for others every time they fly to Guangzhou. If you are in Guangzhou, you will get a scene like this. Many other stores are closed. Only our store is selling discounts because we have so many customers and they are still purchasing. Sometimes the mall is closed, and we continue to sell with flashlights. Celie Hair is deeply loved by people.

Wig brand|celiehair Wig catalog:

Lace Wig Invisible lace wig By length By texture Color wig
13×4 lace front wig HD lace wig Short wig Body wave Blonde wig
13×6 Lace Front Wig Transparent lace wig Long wig Straight hair Red wig
4×4 lace closed wig     Deep wave brown wig
5×5 lace closed wig     Pine deep 99J Wig
6×6 lace closed wig     Water wave High gloss wig
360 lace front wig     Curly hair wig Honey blonde wig
Full lace wig     straight hair Ginger
      Curly hair  

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Email: admin@celiehair.com
Address: No. 666, Tianbao Road, Zhong'ao Xintian, Weidu District, Xuchang City, Henan Province

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