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Freya H32- Headband glueless lace straight wig for black women

Freya H32- Headband glueless lace straight wig for black women


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Freya H32- Headband glueless lace straight wig for black women

Headband glueless lace straight wig

Product Details:

Hair Type: headband wig

Model Length: 24 inches

Weight: 230 g

Texture: straight

Hair Material: 100% virgin hair from one donor

Last For: one more year

Hair Color: natural black

Can Be Dyed: yes

Circumference: 22.5 inches,standard medium

Wig Type: weave wig, no lace

Discount Price: $129.90

Discount code: XN8(20% off)

Headband glueless lace straight wig: a newly designed straight human hair wig with a headband, no lace on the front, and a soft skin-friendly headband instead of lace, which is more comfortable and breathable. Beginner friendly, complete protection style, no omissions. Protect your edges well, no glue, no sewing, easy to wear

Supernatural styling: The headband wig can show your own hairline and baby's hair, it is easier without glue or gel. The real hair with straight hair looks very natural and realistic. You can do or not do baby hair, even when doing high ponytail or high bun, the back looks very natural

150% density straight hair with wig: straight hair texture, natural fit. Flexible, soft and thick. 100% Brazilian female hair cut from healthy donors, no knots, no shedding, bleachable and dyeable, just like your own hair, suitable for long-term use

Headband glueless lace straight wig: Straight hair headband wig, medium cap (22.5 inches), freely adjustable, perfectly fit most head shapes, Velcro buckle design, with adjustable shoulder strap and comb. No glue or gel required, no complicated steps. You can easily install it in 2 minutes.

Headband glueless lace straight wig detail:

Headband glueless lace straight wig detail

Headband glueless lace straight wig Buyers show:

Headband glueless lace straight wig Buyers show

Hair care:

Please wash with warm water and appropriate shampoo and conditioner.
Gently comb your hair before shampooing. If the hair is wavy or curly, it is best to use your fingers or a wide tooth brush to comb it.
If you use a hair dryer, blow it to 80%, so you can avoid dry and frizzy hair. Always remember to use hair oil when your hair dries.

Frequently Asked Questions about Human Hair Headband Wigs:

Question: Does the human hair headband wig have a peculiar smell?

A: No peculiar smell, very few may have shampoo smell, it will disappear after washing together.

Q: How to measure?

A: Stretch it to STRAIGHT, and then measure. (A margin of error of 0.1-0.3 inches is acceptable).

Q: Can I dye or bleach human hair and headband wigs?

Answer: Yes. Hair can be dyed and bleached. Generally speaking, it is easier to darken hair than to lighten hair. We strongly recommend that you go to a beauty salon.

Q: 100% real human hair wig? How to distinguish between artificial hair and human hair?

Answer: Yes. Test through BURNING-for human hair, it will be ashes and white smoke. For synthetic hair, it will be a sticky ball and black smoke.

Question: What are the advantages of human hair headband wigs?

Answer: Human hair wigs can be redesigned, dyed, permed, durable, and reusable. You can change the hairstyle to your favorite type.

Wig care tips:

Before washing, brush the wig to remove any teasing or tangles. Put the wig in a basin or put it in cold water. Hand wash gently with mild detergent or shampoo.

In the process of cleaning the wig, do not use hot water, and do not style or comb the wig while it is wet.

Before shampooing, apply conditioner and wide-tooth comb thoroughly to natural first hair. If you want, you can condition your wig, but keep it away from the roots.

Avoid contact with chlorinated water, sea water and hot water to avoid damage to the wig.

It is best to let your real hair wig dry on the wig holder, because it is the gentlest to the hair.

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