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Freya H45-Brown loose wave headband wig for black women

Freya H45-Brown loose wave headband wig for black women


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Official website:https://www.godwig.com/HEADBAND-WIG


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Freya H45-Brown loose wave headband wig for black women

Brown loose wave headband wig

Product Details

Series: Headband Wig

Weight: 250 g

Texture: loose wave

Hair Material: 100% virgin hair from one donor

Last For: one more year

Hair Color: ombre 1b/30

Can Be Dyed: yes

Circumference: 22.5 inches,standard medium

Wig Type: weave wig, no lace

1. Headband wigs: 100% human hair gradation wigs with headbands, wigs with headbands made by women's hair machines in Brazil. Easy to wear and super time saving.

2. Top quality: 10A Ombre human hair headband wig loose and deep waves, 150% density, very soft and elastic, no tangles, very little shedding, and can be curled and ironed.

3. Comfortable to wear: The headband wig comes with elastic ice silk headband, which is soft and comfortable; the circumference is 22 inches (medium), suitable for most people; 4 combs and Velcro help to fix it.

4. Natural appearance: the loose deep wavy hair band fakely develops your own natural hairline, creating different hairstyles, such as ponytails and buns.

Wig detail:

Wig detail

Buyers show:

Buyers show

Tips for headband wig care:

1. Put the headband wig into a basin or soak it in warm or cold water, and gently wash it by hand with a mild detergent or shampoo. Then gently grasp the headband wig with your hands to make the curls bounce back. Do not use any comb to comb this kind of curly hair hoop wig!

2. In the process of cleaning the headband and wig, do not use hot water, and do not styling or combing when wet.

3. Thoroughly apply the conditioner to the natural synthetic hair before shampooing. If you want, you can maintain your headband wig, but keep it away from the roots.

4. Avoid contact with chlorinated water, sea water and hot water, so as not to damage your headband wig.

5. It is best to let your synthetic hair band wig air dry on the wig holder, because it is the most gentle on the hair.

important hint:

1. The hair of this headband wig is hand-cut, and the length may vary. If you want the same length, you can cut it yourself.

But I suggest you have a professional hair stylist cut or repair this headband wig.

2. The correct way to measure this headband wig is to start from the root of the hair, not from the top of the headband wig.

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