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Black women's curly human hair 3/4 half wig

Black women's curly human hair 3/4 half wig

Classification:Half Wigs

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Black women's curly human hair 3/4 half wig

Specifications:curly human hair 3/4 half wig

Hair Type:    Kinky Curly Wig

Cap Size:    Average (Head Circumference:22"-22.5" )

Color:Natural Black

Length:12-28 inches

Package:1 pc


Base Material:Swiss Lace

Discount Price: A$87.57 save: A$58.39

Black women's curly human hair 3/4 half wig description:

Hair material: 100% virgin hair with perfectly aligned cuticles, which can be dyed, permed, stranded, highlighted, straightened or shaped like your own hair. Flexible, soft and comfortable.

The African-style black lady curly half-wig human hair pattern blends your hair nicely. Glue-free wig cap, comfortable and breathable

Hat size and length: 14-26 inches you can choose. Hats of average size (22-22.5 inches head circumference) are available with adjustable shoulder straps. The elastic cap net is safe and comfortable.

What is a semi-wig: Designed to use your own hair/hairline. You cover the front part of the wig with your hair. You can drape your hair outside to cover the lines or headband or scarf.

So stylish and cute. Perfect for daily wear, theme parties, role playing or any other occasions.

Half Wigs are very natural looking because they are designed to blend your natural hair with the wig. Moreover, they don't have a lace front therefore, you don't need to glue it down. Half wigs are lightweight, easy to install and perfect for any seasons and occasions.

Advantages of Half Wigs
Quick & Easy to Wear
Perfect Fit
Breathable & Comfortable
Suit Your Natural Hair
Beginner Friendly and Ready to G
No tangle, No shedding
No Lace, No Glue, Full Protective Style with No Leave Out

Why I Choose Half Wig?
The beauty of a half wig is the natural appearance. You will get the time saving of wearing a wig, but the natural appearance of using your own hair. Combing and clipping usually takes less than five minutes.

Style 1: Wear Half Wig with Headband
Step 1: Use edge control and brush hair back
Step 2: Attaching and securing the wig
Step 3: Make the baby hair natural
Step 4: Put the headband what you like and do stylish

Style 2: Style A Half Wig On Natural Hair
Sectioning and prepping your hair
Attaching and securing the wig
Creating different styles

How to install the black female curly 3/4 half wig?

How to install the black female curly 3/4 half wig?

1.Brush natural hair,wear wig cap

2.Wear and clip the wig

3.Adjust the elastic band to suitable

4.Do style that you love

Random storage of hair will cause the hair to get damp or be bitten by insects, resulting in damage to the hair quality, so if it is not used for a period of time, it should be stored properly. After washing the hair thoroughly, place it in a cool place to air-dry, and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the hair, and don't fold it up, which will cause it to wrinkle.

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