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luvmehair B2-13x4 front lace 613 Short straight bob wig human hair

luvmehair B2-13x4 front lace 613 Short straight bob wig human hair

Classification:BOB Wigs

Related labels: 613Shortstraightbobw

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luvmehair B2-13x4 front lace 613 Short straight bob wig human hair

613 Short straight bob wig

Product Details

Series: Short straight bob wig

Model Length: 10 inches

Weight: 180 g

Hair Material: 100% virgin hair from one donor

Last For: one more year

Density: 150%

Hair Color: #4 / #613

Can Be Dyed: yes

Straps: adjustable

Circumference: 22.5 inches,standard medium

Lace: Swiss, medium brown

Lace area: 13x4 inches

Discount Price: $159.9


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613 Bob Wig Material: 100% unprocessed Brazilian virgin straight hair Bob Lace front wig human hair, cut from young girl donors, natural and healthy ends.

613 BOB Wig quality: This short bob wig suitable for black women is made of natural human hair and is plucked out with baby hair in advance. Soft and comfortable, smooth and silky. No shedding, no tangles, no lice.

Bob wig human hair density: front straight lace Bob wig human hair 150% density hair is neither too thick nor too thin. Thick and very soft texture is light and thin.

Bob Wig Human Hair Type: 13x4 Human Hair Straight Hair Bob wig can be dyed, curled or straightened, highlighted and reshaped according to your needs. Tight and neat, with no dry end.

The bob lace front wig, real human hair, is easy to wear: you can freely adjust the size of your headgear and shoulder strap. The non-glue bob wig real human hair lace front wig will make your hair as plump as it grows out of your skin.

front lace 613 Short straight bob wig detail:

wig detail

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Buyers show

Reminder: The wig may not be fluffy due to squeezing during transportation. When you wash it the right way, it will return to its original bulkiness. This will make her look more natural

Wig Care Tips:

Before washing, brush wig remove any teasing or tangles. Place your wig in a basin or sink in cool water. Gently hand washes with a mild detergent or shampoo.

Never use hot water while in the process of washing your wig and do not style or brush it while wet.

Distribute conditioner and a wide tooth comb to natural virgin hair thoroughly before shampooing. Condition the wig if would like but stay away from the roots.

Avoid contact with chlorinated water, sea water, and hot water to avoid damage to your wig.

It is best to allow your human hair wig to air dry on a wig stand as this is most gentle on the hair.

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