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Freya B30-BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig for black women

Freya B30-BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig for black women

Classification:BOB Wigs

Related labels: BOBStraightWig

Official website:https://www.donmily.com/bob-wigs.html


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Freya B30-BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig for black women

Freya B30-BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig

Product Details:

Hair Type: bob Wig

Upgraded 2.0: double drawn, and more silky

Model Length: 12  inches

Weight: 20 g

Hair Material: 100% virgin hair from one donor

Last For: one more year

Density: 200%

Hair Color: natural black

Can Be Dyed: yes

Straps: adjustable

Circumference: 22.5 inches, standard medium

Lace: Swiss, medium brown

Lace area    4x4 inches

Discount Price: A$145.71

Discount code: XN8(20% off)

1. Natural and healthy, no shedding and no tangles, hair quality: 100% unprocessed Brazilian hair, short 4X4 Bob wig, ultra-thin and breathable lace

2. Easier to wear, no glue 4x4 lace is the same as skin tone: no glue lace wig, real human hair, medium hat size (19.5 inches-22.5 inches), with comb and adjustable shoulder strap to make it suitable for most people. Tips: Make the wig softer and silky, please wash it once after receiving it, and then put it on when the wig is dry

3. Natural and comfortable, soft and elastic: transparent lace-like ginger lace and 150% density bleached knotted hair, more natural when worn, breathable and durable lace material is more comfortable

4. The texture is smooth and can be dyed and curled: natural bob human hair wig 4x4 lace wig is free, and can be redesigned as needed

5. Money back guarantee: We are committed to providing all customers with high-quality products and a 100% satisfactory shopping experience. We also provide 24-hour online customer service. If there are any problems, you will get a full refund or free replacement within 30 days.

6.tips: Due to production reasons, our wigs have a slight smell, please wash them after receiving the wigs, and gently wash the hair with your fingers before putting them on. Do not rub, twist, twist, brush or comb. After washing, the wig is soft, smooth, natural and odorless

7. Tips back of the wig: short hair is a modification effect on the back of the wig, which makes the overall hair look more natural. Do not hold the wig in your hand to watch.

BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig detail:

BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig detail

BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig Buyers show:

BOB 4x4 Lace Closed Straight Wig Buyers show:

Reminder: All long wigs will have slight knots, especially when they are worn for the first time, which is normal. Just comb it before putting it on. If you don't like our products or have any problems with the wig, we provide return or exchange services. If you have any questions about the product, please feel free to contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly until you are satisfied.

Try the following methods, and your hair will become beautiful. Soak your hair in the conditioner water for 5 minutes. Then use your fingers to comb your hair in the conditioner water until there are no tangles. Wash your hair with clean water. Then apply some conditioner on the hair and wait for a minute. And let the hair dry naturally after washing. You can find a spray bottle. Add some water to the bottle, and at the same time add some hair oil or hair elastin. Mix them and spray on the hair. Hair can always be beautiful.

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