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Straight U Part Wig

Straight U Part Wig

Classification:U Part

Related labels: 淘宝客 StraightUPartWig

Official website:https://www.donmily.com/donmily-kinky-straight-u-part-wig-150-density.html


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Straight U Part Wig

Straight U Part WigSpecifications:

Hair Type:    Kinky Straight Wig

Cap Size:    Average (Head Circumference:22"-22.5" )

Color:Natural Black

Length:12-24 inches

Package:1 pc


Base Material:Swiss Lace

Discount Price: A$100.33 save: A$33.45

Straight U Part Wig illustrate:

U Part Human Hair Wig: Glue-free and lace-free front wig, good for your skin. It can help you get thicker hair quickly in 3 minutes, and it blends perfectly with your real hair.

Hair quality: human hair, natural color, dyeable and bleachable. The texture is soft and healthy, does not fall off or tangles.

Advantages: Non-glue real human hair wigs are healthy for your skin. U-shaped wigs are more convenient and faster to wear and increase hair volume than one-piece wigs and other types of wigs. Once you put on our wig, you look charming and beautiful.

Natural appearance: U partial human hair wig, this wig is natural black and natural hairline, can be curled and redesigned, fashionable style, you can wear it for parties, meeting friends, traveling, etc.

Wig cap: wig in the middle of straight hair, with 4 U-shaped clips on the front and 2 combs on both sides. Middle U part wig, left U part wig, right U part wig can be adjusted, U part opening size can also be customized to meet different tastes of customers.

How to Apply U Part Wigs?

1. Cut off the front straps when wearing

2. Comb your hair on the top of your head. And Tie Like U Shape. (It’s better to braid your hair like U Shape)

3. Wear a U-shaped semi-wig according to the previous U-shape, adjust the wig to a suitable position, and clamp the hair from the front to the side

4. Put your own hair on the top to cover the edge of the U-shaped human hair wig.

Benefits of U Part Wig

Benefits of U Part Wig

1. Flexible hairstyle: U-shaped wigs do not require glue and are healthier. It also allows you to have a new hairstyle immediately and change your hairstyle frequently and faster. It is very suitable for anyone who wants to send or receive.

2. Fuller hair: U-shaped wigs are an interesting accessory to make your hair look fuller, thicker and more shiny.

3. Easy to condition: U-shaped wigs give you the opportunity to take care of your hair regularly. You can also easily carry out proper washing and deep conditioning of the wig.

4. Prevent hair loss: If your hairline is weak, or your hair cannot withstand tight weaving and weaving, then U-shaped wigs will be of great help to you. It helps prevent hair loss.

Random storage of hair will cause the hair to get damp or be bitten by insects, resulting in damage to the hair quality, so if it is not used for a period of time, it should be stored properly. After washing the hair thoroughly, place it in a cool place to air-dry, and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the hair, and don't fold it up, which will cause it to wrinkle.

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