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U Part Body Wave Wigs

U Part Body Wave Wigs

Classification:U Part

Related labels: 淘宝客 UPartBodyWaveWigs

Official website:https://www.donmily.com/highlight-brown-u-part-body-wave-wigs-150-density.html


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U Part Body Wave Wigs

U Part Body Wave WigsSpecifications

Hair Type:    Body Wave Wig

Cap Size:Average (Head Circumference:22"-22.5" )

Color:Natural Black

Length:12-24 inches

Package:1 pc


Discount Price: A$85.13 save: A$56.76

U Part Body Wave Wigs description:

It is recommended to wash the human hair wig every 7-14 days

Store the wig on the wig holder or in the original packaging

Only use hair care products specifically designed for human hair wigs

Hair features: 100% real human hair wig, 2''x4'' U middle body wavy non-gel wig, fashionable hairstyle.

Hair quality: Cut directly from the girl's head, the hair is soft as silk, does not fall off or tangles, you can do whatever you want.

Hair advantages: natural hairline, real scalp, fuller forehead, easy to wear with comb, can be installed within 3 minutes, flexible hairstyle.

Random storage of hair will cause the hair to get damp or be bitten by insects, resulting in damage to the hair quality, so if it is not used for a period of time, it should be stored properly. After washing the hair thoroughly, place it in a cool place to air-dry, and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the hair, and don't fold it up, which will cause it to wrinkle.

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