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luvmehair U Part Wig| Body Wave Brazilian Human hair wig

luvmehair U Part Wig| Body Wave Brazilian Human hair wig

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luvmehair U Part Wig| Body Wave Brazilian Human hair wig

luvmehair U Part Wig

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U Part Wig Human Hair Wigs for Black Women Body Wave Wig

1. Hair material: 100% raw Brazilian primitive human hair, from a young donor, durable.

2. Wig type: body wave middle u partial human hair wig

3. Human hair color: Natural black can be dyed to the color you need, but colors 27# and 613# are not recommended.

4. Human hair length: 12"-28" length of human hair wigs are available in stock, please stretch to measure the hair length.

5. Hair quality: body wave

6. Hair quality: The length and weight are exactly the same, soft and smooth, no odor, no shedding, no tangles, no cracking, 100% human hair can be dyed bleached and curled like your own human hair.

7. Hair density: 150% density

8. U shape size: 2 inches x 4 inches

9. Circumference: Medium 22.5" (default is medium, small 21.5", large 23")

10. Glue-free wig: There are 5 combs on the front, side, and back of the wig, and an adjustable strap on the back, which is easy to wear.

About this wigs:

1. Hair features: 100% Brazilian hair wig, 2"x4"U middle body wavy non-gel wig, fashionable hairstyle

2. Hair quality: 100% Brazilian virgin wavy human hair wig. 2X4 Left-open U part wig without lace, soft and healthy hair. Natural black, bleachable, and dyeable.

3. Hair advantages: natural hairline, real scalp, fuller forehead, easy to wear with a comb, can be installed within 2 minutes, flexible hairstyle

4. Wig cap: Mid-u wig cap, with 4 U-shaped clips and 1 adjustable back strap. The cap is medium in size. It can be adjusted in a wide range by the adjustable strap to fit most heads. Don’t need glue. Easy to put on and take off, comfortable and convenient.

5. Hair information: natural black, 150% density, 145-285 g/wig, hat size is 22-22.5 inches, length is 12 inches -28 inches for your choice
How to clean a wig

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How to care for your real hair and wig?

1. Wash and condition hair weekly. Wash around twice a week

2. Wash with cold water. When washing your hair, do not massage or twist your hair. Excessive movement can cause damage.

3. Comb the hair with fingers to remove any tangles, and use a wide-tooth comb or brush to comb the hair before washing.

4. Avoid excessive use of hot curling irons and irons, they will shorten the life of the hair. Don't use a hairdryer, it will cause your hair to dry and tangle.

Wig care recommendations:

1. Before installing your virgin hair, wash your hair with a moisturizing conditioner like Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner (total wash)

2. Use a paddle brush or wide teeth to comb and comb your hair before washing your hair

3. When you are sitting at home, take it off and put it on the wig holder.

4. After immersing the wig in water, squeeze it dry.

5. It is best to choose a round shape with a wide-tooth comb.

6. Don't let your hair be exposed to the hot sun for a long time.

7. Do not blow the roots of the hair or use a hairdryer.

8. Don't grab the roots too hard when washing your hair.

9. Before going swimming, put the conditioner on your hair. This will help prevent saltwater and chlorine from drying out your extension cord

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