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Hairstyle matching skills for various face shapes and long hair 2021-11-08 23:38:37 wig hairstyles

Hairstyle matching skills for various face shapes and long hair

Although it is said that medium and long hair is the most common hairstyle, it is not to say that you will look good with any hairstyle. Finally, it depends on the face shape. The common face shapes of girls can be divided into 6 types: oval face, round face, square face, long face, Diamond face, inverted triangle face. Let's talk about the hairstyle matching of various face types in detail below.

1. Hairstyle suitable for oval face:

Hairstyle suitable for oval face

The ideal face shape and oval face, the face shape is the biggest weapon, so the hairstyle that can highlight the face shape is the most recommended. Most of the oval face has a thin outline, but there are also many faces that tend to be slender. Therefore, it is suitable for hairstyles that look more weighty on both sides. Fluffy long curly hair is also one of the hairstyles suitable for oval face. Cutting the hairstyle into a diamond shape can make the oval face look fresher and give a better impression.

2. Hairstyles suitable for round faces:

Hairstyles suitable for round faces

It is recommended for girls with round faces to choose a hairstyle that can lengthen the vertical lines of the face, and is not suitable for Qi bangs that widen the horizontal lines. In addition, it is best to avoid hairstyles that increase the volume of hair from the height of the ear to the end of the hair.

It is also OK to choose a hairstyle with the end of the hair close to the face, and layer the bangs to the hair between the sides, and then let the hair close to the face.

Long bangs are the face shape that can accentuate the vertical lines. It can exude femininity and can combine a sense of maturity and childishness.

Cute girls with round faces can also create a more individual or mature feeling through hairstyles.

3. Hairstyles suitable for square faces:

Hairstyles suitable for square faces

The hairstyle suitable for a square face is a natural and unpretentious curly styling. Normal long hair will make the cheeks more obvious, so adding some changes to the tail of the hair can soften the impression of the cheeks. If you want to make a square face more cute, it is very suitable to choose a layered look with a lazy temperament.

In order to make Bob's head decorate his cheeks, the point is to make the most obvious areas of his cheeks more hairy. The curly hair below the cheeks can make the hair volume look larger and softer, creating a feminine line. In addition, although you want the hair tail to look heavy, if you can cut the neckline short to make the volume look smaller, it is easier to make the hairstyle look balanced, and it can also make the head and face look smaller.

4. Hairstyles suitable for long faces:

Hairstyles suitable for long faces

Fluffy bangs are one of the ways to decorate your long face. Instead of choosing straight bangs that are flat and sticking to your face, you should choose fluffy bangs to add a sense of fashion. Using bangs can reduce the exposed part of the face and modify the feeling of face length. If you make long hair into curly hair styles, you can make the overall feel of the hairstyle more fluffy, which can not only modify the shape of a long face, but also add a soft temperament.

Long faces will appear longer if they emphasize the longitudinal lines of the face. To avoid this situation, you can use wider, heavier, and thicker drooping bangs to increase the amount of hair on both sides to make the face look smaller. In addition, hairstyles for long faces can suppress the amount of hair on the top of the head. If you have a lot of hair on the top of your head, it will highlight the vertical sense and make your face look longer.

5. Hairstyles suitable for diamond-shaped faces:

Hairstyles suitable for diamond-shaped faces

With a longer Bob head, you can complete a casual Bob hairstyle as long as you curl it up the last time. The staggered curls give the hair a curving change, which is very suitable for a diamond-shaped face. Create a fluffy and weighty shape on the upper part of the face, so that the line of the chin looks relatively thin, so the face looks smaller.

6. Hairstyles suitable for triangular faces:

Hairstyles suitable for triangular faces

As long as the top hair volume is maintained, the overall shape can be corrected. From around the face to the lower half, you can perm large curls, or make the whole hair volume look more curls, which is the focus of choosing a hairstyle for a triangle face.

The outturned hairstyle of Bob's head gives a natural impression. It will not look too heavy, and the lines of the hair can also spread, which can make the sharpened face shape unique to the inverted triangle become more gentle. When cutting bangs, thick eyebrow bangs should be avoided, because it will strengthen the impression of the forehead and make the face look wider. If you want bangs, be careful to move the bangs to the side.

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