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Braided Hairstyles for African-American Women 2021-12-23 23:04:20 Freya

Braided Hairstyles for African-American Women

What do box braids, corn braids, micro braids, and all other weaving variants have in common? Except for the fact that they require little attention and maintenance, they can all be decorated with our favorite woven accessory: beads.

Beads and braids are the perfect summer style, bold and stylish. In many African cultures, weaving and corn weaving are a tradition that has spread around the world due to immigrants and people of African descent recreating and reimagining ancient traditions. Now that the natural hair movement is in full swing, women are keen to braid hairstyles to try new looks, protect their hair, and show pride in tradition.

How to wear a braided hairstyle with beads

These are not the bead braids you might have liked when you were a kid-this summer's bead braids are magnificent, cool, and inspiring. Maybe you are trying to protect your natural hair from the summer heat-humidity, rain, and chlorine in swimming pools-or you are trying to grow your hair back after a harsh chemical treatment. Maybe you really like beautiful braids! Either way, there are many braided beaded hairstyles to choose from. Scroll down to see some of the most gorgeous beading and weaving styles we found for you on Instagram.

1.Braided bun

Braided bun
The bun is always an elegant look, especially when it is woven into a box-like braid with beads, with longer parts hanging on both sides to decorate the face and add interesting and feminine elements. This kind of wooden bead decoration will give you a royal atmosphere.

2.braided bead ponytail

braided bead ponytail
There is nothing better than a good ponytail! This end is decorated with multiple beads, which is both young and magnificent. All you need to do is braid your hair into a ponytail and leave two single braids with beads in front of your ears. In summer, keeping hair away from your face is a bonus.

3.Full braided hairstyle

Full braided hairstyle
If you want your entire head to get the much-needed rest, choose a fully braided hairstyle. With enough beads to pass through, let you notice them without being overwhelmed, you can show your makeup skills with this low-key and beautiful appearance.

4.Bantu knots and beads

Bantu knots and beads
This hairstyle is fashionable, fashionable, and versatile. No matter what type of hair you have, you can easily create Bantu knots. Known as a great way to preserve and grow hair, the Bantu style with braids is double protection. Wear it like the girl below, with two long pieces on the nape, mixing beads in the knot for the ultimate look.

5.Puka shell beaded braids

Puka shell beaded braids
An alternative to ordinary beads is Puka shell beads. They add a unique bohemian flair to the overall woven look. Let these braids loose and wild, and add puka shells wherever you see fit.

6.Goddess braid with beads

Goddess braid with beads
This is another lovely way to wear golden beads of different sizes for natural hair. The goddess braid will awaken the wild woman in you and add some ethnic style to your outfit.

7.Fancy braids

Fancy braids
If you like to wear them under braids, then you will definitely like to decorate them with a few beads and gold thread. There are no rules here-just get inspired and use your creativity!

8.braided bun with beads

braided bun with beads
We are usually fascinated by buns, but this protective hairstyle with braided buns is simply perfect. There are some beads at the bottom of the bun and some beads hanging from the loose braid in the front. This style will keep you cool all summer.

9.short beaded bob

short beaded bob
This look is one of our absolute favorites. Bob is always a chic cut, but imagine it is woven-for growth and healthy hair. This woven bob has only a few beads to accentuate this gorgeous style.

10.beaded bangs

beaded bangs
Who said that if you have braids, you can't keep bangs? This lady proved that it is unique. Have fun by changing the size and position of the beads. Now you only need a pair of retro sunglasses to achieve this genius look!

11.Retro-style braided bun

Retro-style braided bun
We like this look because it is half your own natural hair and half braided-the best of both worlds. Add some beads to the end of the braid and use a beautiful crown to get creative.

12.beaded braids

beaded braids
In our opinion, you will never be too old for braids! Weave the braids into braids to show the beauty of the braids. By the way, braid bangs are also a perfect match for your favorite beads!

13.fancy braids

fancy braids
You don't need a flower crown to feel like a hippie baby from the 70s. The braid wrapped around the forehead gives the illusion of weaving a crown. Complete the look with large, bright beads all over the hair.

Any of these beaded and braided hairstyles will definitely make you admire and admire. The beads on the braid make the braid more interesting and beautiful. Don't forget young people! You can also try these looks on your daughter. The most popular braid is the mohawk braid with beads. If you want to protect your hair, have fun, or try something different this season, beaded braids are definitely a try.

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