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How to take care of summer hair 2021-12-24 19:04:06 Freya

How to take care of summer hair

The biggest problem with hair in summer is dehydration. This is not surprising. The hot sun and wind are the worst enemies of hair. Summer is the season of vacation, which means the Aral Sea or the sea. Frequent driving is another hazard to hair.

So, how to have lively and shiny hair in summer without cutting it short? Take a look at some compulsory tips for hair care in the hot season.

1: Moisturize the hair

Before doing any treatment to your hair, trim the split ends. The second rule of summer hair care is moisturizing. Sometimes, dealing with dry hair is as simple as buying the right shampoo during the sunny season. The ingredients of this shampoo should include moisturizing ingredients such as coconut oil and aloe vera.

Products containing citrus extracts will also refresh your hair. Many people stop using conditioner after washing, believing that exposure to sweat and dry wind will cause a dull complexion. However, hydration after washing is mandatory. All you have to do is replace the cream balm with a freshener or mask that does not need to be washed off.

2: Bring the right hair care products to go on vacation

Before going on vacation, be sure to buy all necessary hair care products. This is a "must buy" list:

Special shampoo and balm
Jojoba oil or grapeseed oil can moisturize hair tips
Hair sunscreen (mousse or cream)
All products you buy should have the highest sun protection factor. When the sun heats your hair, even its natural color will change. Imagine how much it hurts your lock. If you plan to sunbathe, be sure to cover your head.

This is especially important for dyed hair. The sun will fade any color. Some people like the way their hair brightens in the sun. However, dyeing it is much less harmful than drying it.

3: Learn how to style your hair in summer

When the weather is hot, the sun will take away the moisture in the hair. Proper summer hair care means simple styling, which protects the hair from dangerous UV rays. Do not use hair dryers and curling irons. Try to use tools that do not require exposure to heat. You can use a curling iron or braid your hair overnight to curl your hair. It is very important not to use cream products and to dry your hair naturally.

If you have very long hair, try fashionable French hairstyles. It will require minimal hairdressing products and a little time. Wash your hair first, then rinse with cold water. In the summer, letting your hair hang down is not the best idea, but a tight bun is not the way out.

French braid hairstyle is a bit middle ground. After the hair is dry, apply some special styling spray with a sun protection factors. Make a loose bun on the top of the head and secure it with pins. Some lines must be placed on both sides of the face. This "mermaid" hairstyle is very popular in summer because it provides good protection to the hair and does not require much time or hairdressing.

4: Learn the things you shouldn't do

Sometimes, understanding what should not be done is more important than what should be done. Here are some important notes for summer hair care:

From 11 am to 4 pm, keep your head out. If you hate hats, choose some light-colored scarves.
Don't blow dry your hair. Let it dry naturally, and then fluff it with your fingers.
If you plan to spend a sunny vacation, please do not dye your hair immediately before leaving. Dyeing your hair will make your hair drier. The sun and hot wind will make your dyed hair lifeless and dull
Wear a swimming cap when swimming. If the hat is not your style, try not to immerse your head in the water. Make a high hair bun and keep your head above the water while swimming. If your hair is still wet, be sure to wash off the saltwater as soon as possible.
Don't leave a fork. Trim your hair at the first sign of split ends.

Every day of the year, your hair needs special care. Each season requires its own set of procedures. Never save hair care for later.

If you don't follow good advice, your hair will become dull and thin, revenge on you. Repairing damaged hair requires more time and money than maintaining health. Therefore, please take some time to read the rules carefully and start following them as soon as possible.

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