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How to maintain color wigs? 2021-12-24 19:53:57 Freya

How to maintain color wigs?

Colored wigs are a very popular type of wig in the wig industry today, but there are always a lot of problems after wearing wigs, such as fading, etc. These problems have plagued a lot of beautiful ladies. Today, I will edit it for everyone. Answer how to maintain the color wig.

1. Wash your hairless, the more you wash your hair

The faster it fades-it's that simple. Therefore, spend more time in your daily life and skip frequent washing. The best way to maintain color is to wash it only twice or three times a week and then use dry shampoo to absorb the oil from the roots when needed.

2. Use the conditioner directly

Therefore, it is difficult for you to get rid of daily washing-you have been doing this for years. At the very least, by skipping the shampoo and using the conditioner directly, keep your hair on a "low stool" diet. You will add softness, shine, and nourishment-all of which will not wash off that crazy color.

3. Choose the right shampoo

Water The color-protecting shampoo was invented for a reason. Although some regular shampoos can wash away your colors and accelerate fading, formulas such as Color Protect Shampoo can actually protect your colors and help you maintain the beauty and vitality of soft, vivid, or metallic tones. Whatever you do, choose a "low sulfate" shampoo because it helps to wash away less color from your hair.

4. Condition, condition, condition

When we dye our hair, it becomes more fragile-this helps the color disappear, so this is when the fading happens. Therefore, letting oils, butter, conditioning polymers, and other moisturizing elements that often enter high-quality conditioners help form a protective barrier and help prevent your color from working for freedom.

5. Thermal protection

They work-in particular, the ingredients in the heat protection spray can reduce heat damage, most likely by balancing the way the hair is heated. However, they cannot protect your hair from most damage, so you still need to minimize the effects of heat setting on your hair!

6. Make time for the mask

If you have been bleaching and slack on the mask, now is the time to start again. A mask that takes only 5-10 minutes twice a week can add a super dose of healing nutrients to help repair damage and increase luster-naturally, making the color longer lasting.

7. Air dry

Strong opposition to the blow-dry style is brewing in the style combination-we think we know the reason. Indulge in color — it’s even crazier — they know that all the heat from hairdryers, straightening irons, and curling irons can not only damage the hair but also cause more water loss and damage the radiant color. So take them To do this, simply apply the oil to damp hair to nourish and increase shine-while helping to protect your color from the damage of hair dryers.

8. Use filters

One of the number one enemies of long-lasting, super bold colors is ultraviolet rays from the sun. Even in winter when the sky looks dark, light likes to ruin your hair. So add a UV filter to your morning routine to clean up the spray and show the sun who is the boss.

9. Swim smart

Chlorine can not only change your color (obviously not dye it green), but it can also fast forward and fade. Therefore, if you are going to the swimming pool, prepare your hair and pre-treat it. Apply a layer of conditioner to the hair and twist it into a bun to form a protective barrier against chemical damage.

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