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13x4 Blonde Highlight Straight Lace Front Wigs

13x4 Blonde Highlight Straight Lace Front Wigs


Related labels: 导航 HighlightStraightLac

Official website:https://www.donmily.com/donmily-high-quality-13x4-blonde-highlight-straight-lace-front-wigs-with-baby-hair-150-density-flash-sale.html


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13x4 Blonde Highlight Straight Lace Front Wigs

13x4 Blonde Highlight Straight Lace Front WigsProduct Description:

Hair Type:    Straight Wig

Cap Size:    Average (Head Circumference:22"-22.5" )

Color:    Omber

Length:    12-24 inches

Package:    1 pc

Density:    150%

Base Material:Swiss Lace

Latest Fashion Wig:    
The 13x4 jerry curl lace front wig is the trendy, fashionable, summer wig giving you a very cool look.

Bouncy Look:    
The baby hairs of the wig have a pre-plucked, full, silky, soft, and neat texture. All this greatly makes the hair look more bouncy.

Discount Price: A$155.23 save: A$38.81

100% pure human hair: 
All our high-gloss real human hair lace front wigs use 100% real human hair, without any synthetic hair or animal hair, soft and healthy. High-quality unprocessed natural human hair can be straightened, curled and reshaped to meet different tastes of customers. There are no tangles and lice.

The hat size is 22-22.5 inches, suitable for medium head size. Straight high-gloss color lace front wig, with 13x4 lace on the front, pre-drawn baby hair, small brown, soft and elastic, can be the middle part or the side part, and redesign it as needed.
Not easy to fall off: Our colorful lace front wig human hair is handmade by experienced workers. The wig is natural, comfortable, soft and elastic. Our human hair lace front wig is firmly fixed on the lace by experienced and skilled workers, so it is not easy to fall off.

Highlight color: 
Highlight straight hair wig looks more fashionable. The ratio of brown and blonde hair is very good. The 4/27 color human hair lace front wig is one of the most popular styles. It is definitely worth a try. You can wear it on any occasion, such as Christmas, New Year, holidays, themed parties, Weddings, dating, role playing. Attractive to many people, you will be the focus of any occasion.

how to use:
Step 1: Assemble all the parts and connect the loosest buckle to confirm the sewing position.

Step 2: Fix the positions of both ends with pins, and then stitch.

Step 3: Connect the various parts of the elastic band.

Step 4: Adjust the buckle to fit your head circumference

Question:Is this human hair?
Answer:Yes, this is 100% Brazilian virgin hair wig which is cut from young girls. You can test it, when the hair burns, it emits white smoke and turn to ash, when you smell it, you will know it's real human hair.

Question:Is this highlight colored lace front human hair wig thick? Does it shed easily?
Answer: The colored lace front human hair wig is 180 density, it's thick from the top from the end, our wigs are all handmade by experienced workers, they fix the hair on the lace firmly, please comb it with your finger, it will not easy to shed.

Question: Is it easy to get tangled?
Answer: Our highlight ombre straight lace front wig is very soft, and silky smooth, all the cuticles are in one direction, it's easy to manage it.

Question:How to Comb the ombre lace front wig ?
Answer:Hold a bundle of hair, comb the scattered hair tips first, then comb the hair from middle to the hair tips, and finally comb the hair from the hair roots to the hair ends. Wide-Tooth-Comb are highly recommended; Curly, Deep Wave: Use hand to prevent tangled.

Question:How long does the highlight lace front human hair wigs last?
Answer:It mainly depends on the care and daily routine you make. If taken good care it can last up to 1 year.

Detangle hair gently by hands before washing. Do not rub or twist hair.Add mild shampoo to cool water and wash hair carfully till clean.Have hair to dry naturally. Comb curly hair gently with your fingers from top to end. Do not brush.

Random storage of hair will cause the hair to get damp or be bitten by insects, resulting in damage to the hair quality, so if it is not used for a period of time, it should be stored properly. After washing the hair thoroughly, place it in a cool place to air-dry, and store it in a dry and ventilated place. This can extend the life of the hair, and don't fold it up, which will cause it to wrinkle.

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